The Tourism Squamish Kiteboarding Shoot.

Tourism Squamish as the "recreation capital of Canada" has recently been shooting short video vignettes to highlight the amazing outdoor sporting activities in and around Squamish. All sports here have been recognised from Mountain biking xc and downhill, to climbing, to hiking, to whitewater rafting and kayaking and yes kiteboarding...

I was 'granted' the featuring role in this interesting kiteboarding-story-shoot which ended up taking the best part of two days filming for probably about 30 seconds of actual video - which I'm yet to see. Besides the filming done by RJ Suaer of his Vancouver company, a professional photographer came out too. Noel of shot a few stills with a funky fisheye lens and sent me some great shots.

Cruising with my best bud, Cheekeye.

Here are a few for the taking in this brief story-line...from my drive down to the Spit with 'my dog' Cheekeye to setting up and getting out and having fun, boosting airs and spraying the heck out of these guys!

It was a great experience to "play" for the camera - Thanks Tourism Squamish - great to have kiteboarding getting the recognition and status it deserves.

Rigging on the Spit

Backroll whippin!

You da man!

Low flyin funk!

Water-blurred backroll close-up

mr I'm cool toeside ;)

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