trainee kitesurf instructor anywhere!

by Jason Barty
(Skegness, England, UK)

Hi! Im Jason, and i am 35 years young!!

I have been kitesurfing for over 2 years now and cannot think about anything but!! so i have decided to make it my career.
I am only trained to iko level 2 and have no instructor training, but i am enthusiastic hard working and a fast learner who is willing to start from bottom to get his foot in the kitesurf instructors door!!!

My kitesurf level..
Experienced in the setup and safety of many brands and styles of kites,
Experienced riding in any conditions from 10ft waves, messy chop, gusty winds to butter flat,
Toe side riding,
Carving turns, (various inc down loop)
Jumps 20ft+,
Jump transitions,
Back roll n back roll Transitions,
Jump with kite loop,
Back roll with kite loop,
More to come...

Im willing to work anywhere in the world and have backpacked around many countries in Asia inc Thailand,Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam,Nepal,India and Sri lanka many times for many months at a time.
The last 2 yrs i have had a couple of months kitesurfing in Thailand and Vietnam.
Im interested in working somewhere where i can train to be an iko instructor as part of my employment, though this is not essential,
P.S. somewhere hot n windy please!!!

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