Turkey Kiteboarding - Turquoise Blue Waters and Reliable Winds

If you are looking for turquoise blue waters, sunshine and kiting in nothing more than your board shorts, without the long haul flights, then Turkey is just the spot!Turkey kiteboarding is relatively undiscovered, so far, by kite surfers giving you plenty of space to progress at your own pace.Not all beaches allow kite surfers in the main summer season; however one of the most favoured and reliable, in terms of wind, is Gokova Bay in Mugla.

Turkey Kiteboarding:Gokova Kite Facts
Best Winds: Mid-April to mid-October
Wind Conditions: Daily Thermals, 18-20 knots
Water Temperature: Boardshorts in summer, recommend shortie for early and late season
Water Type: Flat, tiny waves when entering deeper water
Weather: Hot and sunny, anything from 25 to 35 degrees
Nightlife: Local town, Akyaka, has a few bars and plenty of restaurants. Marmaris is only 25 minutes drive for a livelier night out.

Turkey Akyaka

Kiting in Gokova
Gokova is wonderfully reliable in Turkey kiteboarding area where the wind is concerned as the bay is hidden between high mountains covered in pine trees, which suck in the wind from the open sea beyond, accelerating down to Gokce Beach. Gökova Bay is also known as the Gulf of Cos and the waters here are amongst the purest in the Mediterranean, varying from the darkest blue to the lightest turquoise.

Kiting at Gökova Bay has left a lasting impression on many riders from beginners to professionals who keep coming back; yet the bay is still undiscovered compared with the worlds ‘premier’ kiting spots and has just as much, if not more to offer.

With a width of 3km’s and shallow water for 150m out, the bay is suitable for all levels of riders. There are no obstacles such as trees, buildings or rocks and with seven rivers entering the bay the water is clear, clean and not very salty!!The Kiting SetupA light sea breeze starts around 9am and accelerates to around 18-20 knots by 12am as the air temperature increases. Keep in mind that this is a thermal location and therefore Windguru will not give you a precise forecast. A rule of thumb, if it’s sunny it’s Always Windy!

Due to its orientation, Gökova Bay does not suffer from gusty wind; it is clean, smooth and friendly as there are no obstacles for it to pass over on its way to you and your kite!Getting to TurkeyFlights from Europe are inexpensive and only under 4hrs in length.To get to Gokova you can either fly into Dalaman Airport which is 45 minutes drive or Bodrum-Milas Airport which is 1 hour away. Many charter and budget airlines fly direct to both airports however if you fancy a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey’s internal flights are low-cost and fly daily.

Wind setup in Gökova Bay

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