Wasaga Beach, Ontario

by Richard Gergely
(Wasaga Beach)

Favourite Location (name): Wasaga Beach

Town or City: Wasaga Beach
State/Prov: Ontario
City nearest to it: Collingwood
State/Province/Country: Ontario/Canada

Best months to visit: June/July/august/September

Wind Conditions?: Variable. Mid Season steady winds, end/beginning of Season stronger.
What is the water like?: Chop and flat

Location Description (what you like, what you don't):
14 km of Sandy Beach. The water stays pretty much less than 6ft deep the entire length, up to 100 m in width. Meaning, you can literally walk out 100m and still be 6ft deep. The view is awesome, and the beach babes are the best in Canada.

What do you like best about it?:
The sandy beaches, and multiple locations to surf. Allenwood Beach or beach area 5. Lots of parking and accommodations.

Cool links, etc. : http://www.roguewaveboards.com/

What is there to do when the wind is not on?:
There are restaurants, clubs and a main strip for shopping. Very much a beach community. You can also visit Collingwood to mountain bike down the ski slopes and trails...excellent set up.

Other comments:
most sincerely...a beautiful beach. On a perfect day...you couldnt drag me to Hawaii (well....almost couldnt);)

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